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I'd like to extend a warm invitation to join us at the Eating Disorders International Conference (EDIC) in London. There are many conferences these days which are depressingly similar but EDIC, with its genes firmly rooted in Beat - the eating disorders charity - brings together clinicians, researchers, sufferers and carers for a common purpose: the development, testing and practice of treatment approaches. Some approaches are novel, others tweak existing therapies but the aims are common: to remove or reduce the distress that these life-disrupting disorders have on sufferers and their families.

EDIC brings together professionals from throughout the world in a collegiate atmosphere. You will find there are opportunities to just sit and talk as well as learning from distinguished speakers in plenary, free paper or workshop formats. Our professional problems are usually common from wherever we have come from and attending at EDIC will help you meet people whose work and opinions might assist with the clinical, ethical, financial and political issues which influence your work.

Do come!

Prof Hubert Lacey MD MPhil FRCPscych
President, EDIC 2018 Scientific Programme Committee


I am very excited to welcome you to a very new EDIC in March 2018. The conference will take place on 28 and 29 March 2018 at the Imperial College London, and this time we have opted for a more compact conference than before over 2 rather than 3 days, as Beat now host a new annual conference Eating Disorders: Support for the Frontline in November designed for family, friends and frontline clinicians whose day to day lives are affected by eating disorders.

EDIC 2018 is therefore aimed particularly at those with an interest in eating disorder research. However, Beat, true to its mission, has made sure that carers or sufferers are well represented in the workshops and in the presentations in EDIC 0218. Our aim is to convey to professionals the experience of having an eating disorder from people whose daily lives are affected.

The organising committee, to whom I am very grateful, have worked hard and produced a very interesting conference. Our emphasis this time has been to invite speakers who can talk about established and novel therapies for eating disorders and who can describe basic research with clear relevance to clinical practice and the benefit of patients and carers.

I am very pleased to report that experts from three continents have agreed to speak including Howard Steiger and Roxy Rockwell from North America, Janet Treasure, Ulrike Schmidt, Timo Brockmeyer, Dasha Nicholls, Ciaran Newell, Calum Munro and Eric van Furth from Europe and the UK and Tracey Wade from Australia.

The conference will once again present a mixture of keynotes, plenaries, oral presentations, workshops and posters and once again, poster authors will be presenting their work in ‘Poster strolls’ to senior academics present at the conference.

All in all, a remarkable couple of days and an opportunity to get up to date with methods of treatment and in translational research helped by participation from people who understand best the devastating effects of eating disorders on physical and mental health, social and family adjustment, education and occupation. There will be plenty of opportunity to network, one of the most important functions of such a meeting, and I look forward to meeting you all over the two days of the conference.

Dr Paul Robinson MA MD FRCP FRCPsych
Chair, EDIC 2018 Scientific Programme Committee

New Speakers Confirmed

Professor Tracey Wade, Associate Editor of the International Journal of Eating Disorders, and Professor Howard Steiger, Director of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute's Eating Disorders programme in Quebec.

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